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E-book Meet Book-Book

APRIL 10, 2016

Kindle BookmarkYes, I’m using my Amazon Kindle as a bookmark in my paper book. I enjoy reading both ways. How about you? Are you strictly an ereader fan? Sticking to paper books only? Or do you cross-read?

What if a parent only read to their child using an ereader or tablet? Do you think their child would ever explore paper books? I think they would. Kids love to manipulate things with their hands, and there’s a whole world of sensation and textures in a book-book.

So I do think babies would still be gumming their board books, and toddlers would still flip through their first picture books with avid anticipation of the next page. Older kids would still want to curl in a corner with a chapter book, lingering over each illustration. Because a story is a story, in whatever form.

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