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The Attack of the Turkey People

AUGUST 2, 2017

Okay, no actual attack was involved. It was more of an invasion in my back yard.

A momma turkey and her three babies either flew over the 6-ft fence or wriggled under it. A bit of a surprise before my morning coffee.

Turkeys qualify as wildlife here in my corner of California, but they’re apparently not native. They were introduced to the state in the 1870s for hunting.

Other wildlife I’ve encountered in my yard:


I can vouch for the mule deer being native to my area, but apparently the fox is only a member of that club if he (she?) is a Sierra Nevada red fox. The squirrel is probably a red squirrel–not native, and sufficiently more aggressive than the gray squirrel (which I think is native, but it could be an interloper too) that the red has overpowered the gray. I like the grays, they have fluffier tails.

Then we have a few critters in the neighborhood that are clearly not native:

The zebra is a stud used for zebra crosses like zorses and zonkeys. No idea why there are peacocks strutting around our county (rumor has it they scare rattlesnakes away). And you know the Canada geese are transients from out of town–and they apparently have an astonishing number of babies.

Any interesting critters where you live?






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