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What kind of romantic stories do you like most? Sweet and traditional like LOVES ME, LOVES ME NOT? Hot and steamy like SWEET DREAM LOVER? Something paranormal like DARK WHISPERS?

Whatever you prefer, I'm guessing there's one aspect of a romance novel that you like best--that happily ever after ending. When I get to the end of a wonderful romance, and the hero and heroine have overcome the barriers between them to find love, I just sit back and sigh.

I guarantee that every one of my books have just that happy ending you look forward to in a romance. Buy them right here from your favorite online bookseller.

The Pen Pal Sisterhood Series

Loves Me, Loves Me Not

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Elementary school principal Katherine Tipton is used to dealing with mischievous children. But the problems she's having with one unruly pupil are nothing compared to the trouble she finds herself facing with the child's attractive father. Single dad Steven Walker made a fortune designing wacky computer games for kids, but that won't stop Katherine from trying to make him see reason.

While paying a visit to the funhouse Steven calls home, Katherine is all business. But try as she might to disapprove of his carefree attitude, the sexy creative genius charms her into having some fun. Steve's convinced there's a passionate and high-spirited woman beneath Katherine's strait-laced exterior-and he's determined to win her. But Katherine's going to have to teach him the rules of this game. The game called love.

His Make-Believe Wife

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Handsome CEO Jack Hanford wants Rachael Reeves to be his wife...in name only for a publicity stunt. And Rachael says yes! After all, she's just signed on as spokeswoman for the Hanford House of Pancakes family restaurant chain. As long as sexy Jack keeps a respectful distance, she can keep her sanity on the whirlwind Midwest promotional tour he's planned for the two of them...

One hundred and one personal appearances later, and Jack's definitely flipped for the lovely blonde. But Rachael has her doubts, until their meddling relatives cook up a delicious scheme to get them together for real...and forever.

Love Be a Lady

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When Reno blackjack dealer Casey Madison helped Jeff Haley trap a card cheater, she knew better than to let herself fall for Jeff. The drop dead gorgeous private investigator might seem like a perfectly nice fellow, but so had her quartet of former boyfriends, until one cleaned out her checking account and another nearly sold her car out from under her.

So Casey has sworn off men and wiped Jeff from her mind—mostly. But when the card cheater, newly released from prison, starts stalking Casey, the first person she wants to call is Jeff. It turns out she doesn't even have to pick up the phone for help, because just as she spots the card cheater lurking outside her casino, Jeff Haley walks right up to her blackjack table, as if out of a dream.

Jeff Haley doesn't believe in love, especially when it involves a wacky blonde named Casey. But thanks to a mix-up at a computer repair shop, scandalous photos from Jeff's latest case were copied onto Casey's flash drive instead of his. It ought to be easy to get the flash drive from Casey and copy off his photos.

But Casey sent the drive down to her sister in San Diego, and refuses to let him go to her sister's without her. To make matters even worse, she's afraid of flying, which means a long car trip to Southern California with the sweet and sexy blonde right beside him. And when the jaunt to San Diego turns into a tri-state road trip with the card cheater in hot pursuit, Jeff realizes the lovely Casey might just be too hard to resist.

Sweet Dream Lover

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Kat Roth and Mark Denham have plenty in common—they're CEOs of rival Seattle-area candy companies, they're both in feverish pursuit of number one status in the nation and they were both once married...to each other. Their brief venture into matrimony, an explosive mix of hot passion and all-out war, has made Kat and Mark wary of love and leery of the sparks between them.

Enter Fritz, Mark's accident-prone young cousin who's on a secret matchmaking mission. With the collusion of Kat's father, Fritz concocts a joint Roth-Denham charity campaign that brings the two confectionery arch-enemies together at glitzy fundraising events.

As the campaign proceeds, Kat and Mark eventually end up in the one place their marriage always worked—in bed. All seems well until the ultimate betrayal tears them apart, and Fritz's plans seem destined for failure. It will take true love—and a generous helping of chocolate—to finally reunite Mark and Kat forever.

Box Sets

Celebrate Romance

From USA Today Bestselling Author Barbara McMahon, and National Bestselling and Award Winning Authors Linda Barrett, Rogenna Brewer, Karen Sandler and Debra Salonen.

CELEBRATE ROMANCE Five heartwarming stories celebrating the sweet gift of romance on Father's Day, the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas.

Man of the House by Linda Barrett

Bobby's been the man of the house since his father died, but now his mom is spending time with Steve. Steve makes his mom happy, but no one can take Bobby's dad's place. Can Bobby have a change of heart and accept a new man of the house?

One Star Spangled Night by Rogenna Brewer

Navy Chaplain Lieutenant Lindsey Alexander is not as naive as world-weary Aircraft Carrier Captain Doug Reese believes. When the Top Gun is ordered into counseling, the junior officer is the only thing standing between him and his losing command of his ship.

Love With All the Trimmings by Barbara McMahon

An unexpected reunion at Thanksgiving changes a growing relationship when an old flame shows up just when Juliana has hopes for a future with Matt.

The Eighth Gift by Karen Sandler

When widow Sarah Meyer's house is broken into and her son's Hanukkah gifts stolen, her late husband's best friend comes to her rescue. But as the friendship between Sarah and Jake Goldman blossoms into something more, it takes a Hanukkah miracle to lead to a new and lasting love.

My Christmas Angel by Debra Salonen

"Little Dickie Daniels is a Christmas angel." So, 8-year old Abigail believes...until she meets the scruffy child her mother brings home on Christmas Eve. But looks can be deceiving Abigail learns, and some encounters leave an indelible mark. Thirty years later, Abby--author of the children's book "My Christmas Angel"--receives a call that proves holiday miracles really do happen.

Unsuitably Perfect

From USA Today Bestselling Authors, Lisa Mondello and Barbara McMahon, and Waldensbooks Bestselling Author Karen Sandler, three captivating full length romance novels with sexy heroes and strong-willed heroines that prove "opposites attract"!

Her Heart for the Asking by Lisa Mondello

Mandy Morgan's city life is the total opposite of Beau Gentry's life as a bull rider. That didn't stop them from falling in love eight years ago…before Beau crushed her heart. Now Mandy is back in Texas and Beau is determined to show her just how much the two of them belong together, despite their different lives.

Loves Me, Loves Me Not by Karen Sandler

It's ice meeting fire when straight-laced school principal Katherine meets her polar opposite Steve, the freewheeling, computer-game playing father of one of her students. Katherine wants everything between them to be aboveboard and proper, but sexy Steve just wants to have fun. Can they find a way to meet in the middle and find love?

Bluebells on the Hill by Barbara McMahon

When country-western singing star Amanda buys a remote cabin to use as a retreat between tours, the last thing she expects is a rancher bent on claiming that land for his own. Totally opposite in outlook and lifestyles, can these two reach a compromise that will suit them both?

Each of these full length romance novel are available for sale separately. Get the Box Set at a deep discount.

Transcendent Love Series

Till The Stars Fade

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In the year 2123, humanity has pushed beyond Earth into the solar system and unlocked the secrets of life with genetic engineering. But despite the lifesaving cures and physical improvements wrought by the mastery over human DNA, some consider gene-tweaking an abomination.

Bold and reckless shuttle pilot Krys Krysynowski has thrown her lot in with SEIS, vocal opponents of genetic experimentation. But when SEIS sends Krys to the asteroid-based laboratory of Ian Llewellyn, her intense attraction for the lone-wolf geneticist shakes her to the core.

Krys's mission is to sabotage Ian's latest project, but his single-minded drive to conquer human illness turns her entire belief system upside down. And then she discovers the truth about Ian—and nothing will ever be the same for her again.

Hearts Redemption

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Teenage sweethearts Johnny and Laura don't know how they died decades ago. They only know they must find someone living to solve the riddle of their deaths. Meanwhile they exist largely in the emptiness of the in-between, separated from one another, longing for those few bright days when they haunt the wreckage of the old car they died in.

Kyra Aimes, once-burned and twice-shy as far as men are concerned, doesn't know what to make of the 1955 Ford Fairlane that appears at her wrecking yard. But when Randon Bolton turns up soon after, Kyra knows she'd much rather face a haunted car than the commitment-phobic drifter. But just as the tragedy of the teen ghosts makes its way into Kyra's heart, so does Randon. And Kyra knows that a no-strings-attached man like Randon is going to break her heart all over again

Dark Whispers

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Almost 150 years ago, young prospector Noah Simmons was killed in the Hoyo del Diablo cavern beneath the Arizona desert. Now, after a century and a half of haunting his lonely cave, he watches a group of settlers arrive, including a lovely young woman...

Scientist Liz Madison would rather cross paths with the legendary ghost of Hoyo del Diablo than with the handsome, arrogant geologist Ethan Winslow. But marrying Ethan—temporarily—is the only way she can join the new BioCave experiment. In such close quarters, living as husband and wife, Liz and Ethan fight against a powerful attraction neither of them want. Then Liz begins to sense a strange presence—calling her name, moving her equipment. And when Noah appears, warning her of dangerous forces in the cave, her head and her heart argue over what to tell her new husband. Can Ethan be trusted to see the truth—and fight for the survival of their newfound happiness?